Brightfire SFX

Here at BrightFire we can design, build and manufacture pretty much anything the TV and Film industry throw at us.

Production companies come to us with ideas and leave with a fully working product.

What we can do...

Metal cutting
Plasma cutting
Laser Cutting and engraving
Plastic forming
Machining / Milling
Fine jewelry work
Model making
Fibre glass moulding
Spray painting
Leather work
Industrial sewing


our engineers

Our engineers are experts at coming up with ideas. If you are unsure if something can be done or how to do it, come to us for the solution.

Most of our engineers are fully qualified to operate telehandlers and mobile access platforms.


  • Metalwork and Welding We are equipped and highly skilled in all forms of metalwork and welding including Aluminium and Stainless Steel.
    We have lathes and milling machines cabable of producing any metal item you require.
    We can quote for any job, be it stage truss that needs repairing or an entire film set being built.
    Even fine precious metalwork involving jewelry is no issue.
  • SFX & EngineeringBrightFire have worked on hundreds of TV and Film productions. We can create any Special Effect that is desired. If we don't have a specific effect in stock then we make it in our extensively kitted out workshops. Producers come to us with an idea and leave a fully functioning custom made product.
  • Construction

    BrightFire can build anything you want; a real house, a mock up house, steelwork buildings.
    We have built entire sets for TV programs as well as tiny props.

  • Chemical and Science Engineering

    Chemistry is one of our most favourite subjects. We have lab facilities to produce some amazing products and props. We have made chemicals for Derren Brown's Apocalypse to simulate the smell of rotting zombies!
    We also have skills in glassblowing and can make any piece of chemistry apparatus you need such as the pieces above for Brian Cox's Science Britannica

prop building

  • TV and Stage props

    We have made some very famous props for all the major TV companies including ITV, Channel 4, BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Channel 5 and many more.

  • Medical props

    We have made mock up hospitals including medical props to simulate hospital environments.

  • Nothing is too big!

    We can build anything, anywhere and we do! We have a good working relationship with Coussens Cranes who often help us out with those harder to reach places!