All small rockets these days are pretty weak, only having a simple gunpowder burst with stars.

If you want big and impressive you are best off going for a cake or one of the huge rockets. We can only store the huge rockets at PR Tools if you want them in any other shop you must pre order.





For all enquiries please call 01273 880937 or 07919 088064 or email

Orbiter Rockets - £12 BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!   Venus Rockets - £12   Jupiter Rockets - SOLD OUT

5 Pack of small rockets


4 Pack of medium sized rockets


11 Pack of small and medium sized rockets

Neptune Rockets - £25        

11 Pack of various sized rockets

>Watch the video [Coming Soon]

Super Sam Rocket - £15 £10    


Single large rocket. This rocket launches high into the sky then explodes in a burst of colour. Loud!

SAVE £5!

Dark Nebula or King Rocket
£25 each
  These rockets are huge!!!!   Officially the biggest by law!!!


for 5











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