We stock the largest selection and quantity of fireworks in the South.

We sell to anyone over the age of 18.

Our fireworks will be on sale again for the November firework season.

We can also supply trade fireworks to other shops and firework companies.

All of our fireworks conform to the British Standard BS7114.

Our fireworks are the best quality you'll find. We design and make our fireworks to our specifications so we can use them in our professional displays too!

Category 2 & 3

All the fireworks you will find in our catalogue are category 2 or 3 fireworks. This means they conform to the British Standards.

Category 2 fireworks require a 5m safety distance.

Category 3 firewoks require a 25m safety distance.


  • Cakes and Barrages
    All of our cakes and barrages have been designed by us and are made specifically for us. This is why we can safely say they are some of the best and biggest in the UK. We are very proud of our cakes and barrages and we are certain you won't be dissapointed!
  • Rockets

    The traditional rocket with whoosh and a bang is exactly what you'll get here.
    Our big rocket, the Dark Nebula, is huge! It's the biggest rocket allowed by law.
    Due to government legislation all other rockets are now very small with a small effect in the sky. We urge you to look at our cakes instead of rockets as the effects are much bigger and much better value for money!

  • Selection Boxes

    We don't make our own selection boxes as most people who want a selection box buy from supermarkets so we don't sell that many. However we do stock a small selection of the the best selection boxes on the market and we sell them at much better prices than any supermarket!


  • Sparklers and Fountains

    This page contains various sparklers, fountains, mines and wheels.